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Beth Bowley:

Beth Bowley, the designer, established her branded line back in 1988, under the eponymous brand name, “Beth Bowley”. Over the years, Beth Bowley has become synonymous with smart, sophisticated and bold wear. She has been creating classic wardrobe staples utilizing flattering, bold silhouettes and shapes and emphasizing on fabrications, embellishments and other fashion details.

Her brand definition is bright colors and patterns with the magical stroke of right embellishments. According to Beth Bowley, the philosophical thought behind her fashion is: “… everything looks best in a shade of green…”

Well, here we have a patterned dress by Beth Bowley in the shade of aqua green. Let’s wear it out verbally…



Scissored Details:

  • Pattern & Print: Beth Bowley’s patterned dress – this specific dress is splashed with a wavy, zigzag pattern that runs horizontally across the dress body.
  • Color: The floral zigzag, wavy pattern is in various shades of aqua green and turquoise. The first impression of the color is in tones of aqua green. But if you look closely, it also has dull grey waves that blend and merge smoothly with aqua green and turquoise tones.
  • Material: This piece by Beth Bowley is made from 100 % smooth silk which feels supple and breezy. Its light material is perfect to be worn in hot weather.
  • The Cut & Style: This bold, zigzag patterned, aqua toned dress features a decent collared neckline, front button fastening that goes till the mid length; full sleeves with cuffed edges; dull gold buttons that add a touch of embellishment; and a classy length that goes just till the knees … very classy, very sophisticated indeed!
  • Waist Tie: This bold, zigzag patterned silk dress features a waist tie made out of the dress material that blends smoothly with the dress pattern and bring your curves into focus. Oh yes! It is quite figure flattering.


Fads & Facts:

Dress collections by Beth Bowley has always featured trends in vogue with a fusion collage of classic and traditional styles. This one specifically, is a perfect example of Beth Bowley’s designing philosophy. Cut from 100% silk in the merging hues of aqua green and turquoise, this dress is breezy and light and is a “must have” addition in your summer wardrobe collection.  It would keep you from all the hassle of choosing the right top or worries about layers. Being supple, smooth and cool, it is ideal as a summer dress and is great for summer parties and also goes well as a “work dress”.

Although it looks quite simple at first glance but you will be amazed the way it will nicely trace your curves. If the size is chosen wisely, it has a light fitting shape that would hug and embrace the curves smoothly and would escort attention to the narrowest curvature of your frame. This super magical touch of bringing out the “sexier you” from this simple looking dress, is given by the waist tie and the nice, smooth stretch of the dress. Just see how it can instantly add glamour, style and sophistication to your persona.

Dos & Don’ts:

It is great as both casual and dressy outfit but only if worn sensibly. Just keep in mind a few dos and don’ts of styling sense, like:

  • With aqua green, bold zigzag wavy pattern, it doesn’t need any accessories.
  • The dull gold buttons provide enough embellishments.
  • A neatly tied hairdo will do wonders with this dress.
  • Worn with a pair of classy heels, this Beth Bowley creation is perfect as a “formal wear”.
  • Paired up with single tone, low pumps … it becomes a superb “work dress”.

That’s the magic of Beth Bowley!

  • Dry clean only.

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