Calvin Klein Women’s Cap Sleeve Sheath Midi Dress with Neck Cut Out Review

The Calvin Klein’s Cap Sleeve Sheath Midi Dress comes in two colours, standard Black and Lipstick, which is a pretty pink. The dress falls to a bit below the knee with a boat neckline and has a cut out a few inches below the neckline. It is made with scuba material, which is a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This makes the dress stretchy enough to accommodate the curvaceous woman, giving a slimming effect and accentuating her curves. The Calvin Klein Sheath Midi Dress has cap sleeves and a very versatile look. With a name like Calvin Klein attached to it one expects quality and style and this dress doesn’t disappoint.

It is elegant enough for work, though you might need a sweater if your workplace doesn’t allow for cap sleeves. Yet it can easily be worn to a formal function because of its classy, elegant look and can even work great on a date. You can wear it to church and functions like weddings and funerals or anywhere else that requires formal wear.

The use of scuba material in fashion is becoming more and more common these days. This stretchy yet firm fabric allows for a slimming effect while affording the wearer a chance to hide muffin tops and love handles and other features that they might want to cover up. It also accentuates waistlines, hips and bums, hugging those areas like a glove and giving an overall smooth finished look. This material even hides cellulite. So no more bumps or protruding tummies! HOORAH!

The fact that Scuba material is now being embraced by top designers like Calvin Klein is very exciting to consumers everywhere. Now you can have no fear when you see that designer original that you absolutely must have. No more passing up on great outfits just because you’re afraid of how your tummy will show in the dress. Plus sized women are especially ecstatic by this new trend in fashion. They can now wear designer clothing which accentuates their good features: busts, hips and bum, while hiding their flaws: cellulite, muffin tops and love handles.

The Calvin Klein Cap Sleeve Sheath Midi Dress with neck cut out is a very versatile dress with all the attributes of a garment made with scuba material, a slimming effect and accentuation of curves.

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