JAX Women’s Long Sleeve Printed Sweater Dress Review

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What Women Want – JAX Knows it All!

Yes! JAX seems to be an expert on the dressing psyche of women. Exotic dresses, beautifully tailored to compliment their frame … but with a wallet friendly price tag! That’s what a woman wants when she steps in to choose a dress for herself. And JAX seems to be an expert in nurturing the dressing desires of women.

JAX has been offering a vibrant collection of women couture for all occasions like sophisticated office wear, sleek and stylish shifts, graceful lace attires, floor lengths evening gowns, trendy body cons& midi dresses to name just a few. One single trait that defines all of the JAX creations is the unique and novel mix of classic styles and “in vogue” trends. This fusion is very smooth & subtle and carries JAX’s specific twists and touches which gives them an identity of their own among hundreds of other brands.

Fabrics, colors and embellishments are tools that JAX has been playing with. JAX knows the art of transforming any simple material and color into a mesmerizing outfit by its cutting edge designs and creative strokes. A perfect example is the JAX Women’s Long Sleeve Printed Dress Sweater. See it for yourself below …



Scissored Details:

  • Style: Long sleeve, black sweater dress with a drop waist featuring hounds tooth skirt with a little flair. No doubt, an elegantly designed, black sweater dress.
  • Material: 100% acrylic material that is too soft to be true! This silky soft, acrylic knit wear dress will not only keep you warm, but will also boost up your style.
  • Color: Black & Beautiful! Black is the ultimate color to cast that stunning, stylish look. This specific dress stands out among a myriads of sweater dresses because of its charcoal black body is darned up with ivory hound tooth patterns on the flair of skirt. It gives a captivating impact which is too catchy to be ignored.
  • Pull-on: No zipper, no buttons…it features a hassle-free pull-on construction. You just have to pull it on yourself and there you’ll be transformed into an elegantly styled woman of the day…ready to go places!

Fads & Facts:

JAX has been providing a line of wearable couture that glides on the wavelength of contemporary designs resonating with sophisticated styles and classic trends. This elegant & stylish Long Sleeve Printed Sweater Dress features a flattering length that ends just above the knees. Long sleeve, drop out waist, stretchy material and flared skirt – are the specific features that adds up an illusion of height to the wearer. The 100 % acrylic, silky soft knit makes it comfortable and cozy, cold weather dress.

As it is soft and clings to your body, it is a little snug on the chest and reveals too much without revealing anything! The nice stretch to the dress makes you look awesome as it warmly embraces the curves, fits perfectly yet falls lose, and slims in the right places.

Dos & Don’ts:

  • As it is too soft and clings to the body, it would only look nice if you are flat bellied. Caution: It’s a crime to wear it if you don’t have a flat belly.
  • If worn over high heels, would give that “never ending legs” illusion that became Pretty Women’s identity. Sure, you would look tall and slim.
  • Hand wash only.

So pair it up with your best, black high heels to have that killingly gorgeous style. Choose your size and buy this dress over at Amazon.com.