Xtaren Women’s Slit Front Midi Dress Review

Xtaren – Creating Vibes:

Officially launched in the United States in 2010, the Xtaren Women Series is now an accessible brand creating vibes too strong to be ignored. Bold & exuberant, fresh & youthful, this new name on the fashion horizon is known for quality and excellence as its trademark. Xtaren collection features stunningly bold designs, gorgeous styles, mesmerizing cuts, funky colors and splashes of beads and embellishments to enhance the elegance of style. Xtaren has very creatively fused the trendier shades into funky looks …WOW! What a volatile combination. It really adds that WOW factor to your style. So if it is boldly stylish, it’s got to be Xtaren! Cool & classy, funky & elegant…these are the rare combinations Xtaren has been experimenting with. This beautiful Slit Front Midi Dress by Xtaren carries all the vibrance and class that the brand is known for. Let’s have an insight into it.



Scissored Details:

  • Style: Xtaren Women’s Slit Front Midi Dress is a bodycon fit midi dress that sits just over your knees. Slinky and stylish with long sleeves, a V neckline, and a front slit will instantly give you that “dressed to kill” look. Oh yes, this midi by Xtaren is flatteringly superb. It traces the curves and enhances the beauty of your form, highlighting slims and curvatures – a perfect bodycon.
  • Material: This midi dress is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This polyester spandex mix gives the right stretch to the dress.
  • Front Slit: The slit in front reaches up till almost half of the thigh. Obviously, it’s a “sexy cut” and works really well in creating a hot, sexy image.
  • Embellishments: It features long sleeves with faux jewel cuff that give the dress a formal touch. These heavily shimmered sleeve edges add enough embellishment to the dress.
  • Color: This style by Xtaren is available in three colors: Ivory, Red & Black. The dress looks stunning in each of these colors as each has an undefined elegance of its own. Ivory gives sophistication and class to the style; Red looks hot and flattering; and Black as always, gives a mesmerizing, stunning look to this style.


Fads & Facts:

Midi dresses are hot and sexy and are back in action. A true midi dress is the one that hits at mid-calf. (The calf is the area between knee and ankle). Not all the midi dresses come up to this length however. Most are usually shorter and ends up just above the knees like this specific one by Xtaren.  This bodycon midi with a slit in front is quite flattering. It is exceptionally stretchy and has a comfy fit. A perfect, comfy fit is very important to a midi dress than to any other style. And Xtaren has provided it with super perfect fit, as long as you choose the size sensibly. This perfect fit is going to play its part and would warmly trace your form going up and down the curves, enhancing your beauty and boosting up your confidence level.

Dos & Don’ts:

  • The midi dress here features long sleeves with faux jewel cuff lines so there is no need to add any accessories/ jewelry.
  • Pair up this dress with elegant high heels and you would get that illusion of height.
  • The dress is machine wash.

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